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Rights and Responsibilities



There are many rights (things that should not be taken away from us) and responsibilities (things we should live up to) that all of us should have. Our school recognises the following as basic or core rights and responsibilities. All students and staff at Trundle Central School have the right to a safe, happy and high achieving school and the responsibility to help maintain one.


I Have a Right to:


  • Be treated fairly
  • Be safe and not be bullied or harassed
  • Work in class undisturbed
  • Achieve my best
  • Be included
  • Have a pleasant and clean school environment
  • Have my property looked after and not interfered with


I Have a Responsibility to:


  • Treat others fairly
  • Consider other people's feelings
  • Not disturb or interfere with others or their property
  • Try my best
  • Include others
  • Help keep the school environment pleasant and clean
  • Not blame someone else for my actions (accept responsibility)

NB: All students and staff should respect the rights and responsibilities of others.