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Socials Policy


Social/movie nights are held at various times throughout the year to provide supervised social interaction to students of the school. Attendance at school social/movie nights is a privilege which is dependent on acceptable behaviour and cooperation from students, along with staff volunteering to supervise.

The following matters are relevant to the holding of social/movie nights at Trundle Central School.

1.             Secondary social/movie nights will be organised by the Stage 5 Co-ordinator while Primary social/movie nights will be organised by the Assistant Principal. Attendance by staff at social/movie nights is voluntary. However, it is a requirement that at least 2 teachers indicate that they will be at the social/movie night before a social/movie night can be held.

2.             Permission to attend social/movie nights will be granted if the student is on level 3 (secondary), level B or above as per the welfare policy. Primary students may not be granted permission to attend a social/movie night if they have been suspended prior to a social/movie night.

3.             Notification of each social/movie night will be included in the Newsletter prior to the social/movie night being held. This will include the finishing time of each social/movie night.

4.              It is expected that students will adhere to normal school standards of behaviour consistent with Trundle Central School’s K-12 Welfare and Discipline Policy and Anti-bullying Policy.

5.             Tobacco, items that can be used as weapons and all forms of alcohol and other drugs are strictly forbidden at social/movie nights. Students found in possession of weapons or illegal drugs will be reported to police.

6.              Social/movie nights will be restricted to students attending Trundle Central School. Approved guests may be invited by the school.

7.             In general, Secondary social/movie nights shall run from 7.30pm – 10.30pm in summer and 7.00pm – 10.00pm in winter. In general, Primary social/movie nights will start at 7.00pm and end at 9.00pm in summer and 6.30pm – 8.30pm in winter. Infants’ social/movie nights run from 6.00pm – 7.00pm in summer and 5.30pm – 6.30pm in Winter. K-6 students must be picked up from the social/movie night by a parent/carer. Students are expected to remain at the social/movie night until the conclusion of the social/movie night.  If children need to leave the social/movie night early, an explanatory note from a parent/carer should be given to the teacher organising the social/movie night at school on the day of the social/movie night.

8.             Students who do not attend school on the day of the social/movie night should not attend the social/movie night. School absences should be consistent with Department of Education acceptable reasons and students who are away sick should not attend social/movie nights on that night.

9.             Students who arrive later than 15 minutes after the social/movie night begins will not be admitted unless the teacher in charge has been notified prior to the social/movie night or the student brings a note from parents. Parents/carers of students not admitted will be phoned immediately before students are sent home. Students will remain under supervision if parents/carers cannot be contacted.

10.         Students from Trundle Central School who attend social/movie nights at other venues or schools must comply with the above directions where applicable as well as those that pertain to the venue being visited.

11.         This policy will be published in the school newsletter with the social/movie night notification.