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Trundle Central School Values



A value is something we think is important and worth having (i.e. valuable).



RESPECT – Think positively about others. Treat others how you would like to be treated yourself. Don't "rubbish" other people's opinions.



RESPONSIBILITY – Accept the consequences of your actions. Don't blame others for your actions or problems. Do the things you know you should do.



DOING YOUR BEST – Always try to complete everything you do to a high standard. Try hard and don't be lazy. Aim for excellence.



HONESTY and TRUSTWORTHINESS – Be honest. Mean what you say and always tell the truth.



INTEGRITY – Always act in a way that you know is right and don't do something you know is wrong. Don't say one thing and do another.



FAIR GO – Act in a way that is best for everyone. Treat all people fairly. Let others have their share of things.



CARE and COMPASSION – Take care of yourself and others. Imagine how other people feel.



UNDERSTANDING, TOLERANCE and INCLUSION – Pay attention to others and their cultures. Accept and enjoy differences in people. Be part of different groups and include others in your groups, even if they are different.



FREEDOM – Care about your rights and privileges as an Australian citizen. Pay attention to the rights of others. Don't interfere with the freedom of others.